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If you wish to use one or more photo from, you must pay for the usage.

Before you use a photo from, you must, pr. e-mail, specify for which purpose, each single photo is going to be used . Be aware, that we always send a reply e-mail as a confirmation receipt, and this is in shape of a print-self invoice.

The photo may only be used once for the agreed purpose, and the delivered files must be deleted when the case is ended.

A photo must not be lent out, and the right to use it must not be sold to third party without explicit agreement from

Read more about Terms and Conditions:


A photograph in low resolution downloaded directly from
To be used in electronic publications (powerpoint, presentations, newsletters & homepages).
Price per photo 15 US$ or euro 

A photograph in high resolution delivered by e-mail:
To be used in newspapers, magazines, books and other printed matter. The photo will be delivered as a RGB/JPG file.
Price per photo 60 US$ or euro  

A photograph in high resolution delivered by CD-ROM:
To be used in newspapers, magazines, books and other printed matter. The photo will be delivered on a CD as a CMYK / TIF-, EPS-, or JPG-file in best quality. The CD is formatted for both Windows and Macintosh.
Price per photo + CD-ROM and shipping 85 US$ or euro  
NOTE: When ordering and purchase of more pictures, which can be contained on the same CD, the price for each following photo will be only 60 US$ or euro

When you wish to order one or more photos in a high resolution please note that:

To enable me to deliver the correct photograph/s please inform me of the specific URL for each photo.

The photo's URL is the words stated in the browser's "address field" when you are situated in the wanted photo (when shown in full size), see example below. You simply mark up the address and copy it onto the e-mail that you send me with your order.

high resolusion

Remember to imform me about the wanted resolution (DPI).

If you're unsure of which resolution is needed, then take a look on this scheme of which resolution is needed for different printingtechniques.


Just like in a super market you yourself are responsible for the payment. Extra charges for transferring the money to me will have to be paid by you additionally.

Please send your amount to this bank account:

Our bankers are:

Arbejdernes Landsbank
Frederikssund afdeling

Havnegade 18
DK-3600 Frederissund
Tel.: 38 48 30 65
Reg. nr.: 5365 - Konto nr.: 0000505401

NOTE: Write the file names of the photos + in what context/media they are going to be used on the money transfer. After transferring the money you are free to use the photo/s.

Alternatively please send a crossed cheque to the below address: write the file-name of the photo/s you want to use on the cheque or enclose a letter with the file-names and where/for what purpose you want to use the photo/s. When you have posted the check you are free to use the photo/s.

Also you can send a postal order for the amount to the address below. In the field for messages please write the file-name of the photo/s and where you want to use them. Having paid the postal order you are free to use the photo/s.

Niels Ebbesen
Valkyries Plads 1
DK-3650 Oelstykke

Terms and Conditions:

You are solely responsible for your publishing of photos from Some photos contain elements that hold independent rights by a third party, e.g. a painting or a sculpture, in such cases you are responsible for obtaining the necessary permissions from the third party. We shall be pleased to help you finding this third party, if possible.

Also you wll have to obtain a permission to publishing photos containing identifiable persons as your reproduction right does not include this kind of permission. We will be pleased to help you finding the people in the photos, if possible, in order to get such a permission.

Photos from must not be used in a context that will abuse any third party, the persons in the photos or the photographer himself. You are solely responsible for misguiding and/or abusive texts connected with your utilisation. are not responsible for any loss suffered by you in relation to your use of our photos.

In case you use photos from without paying you will automatically receive an invoice for 600 US$ or 600 Euro per used photograph.

To use photos from you must accept the above terms and conditions.

Niels Ebbesen
Valhals Plads 23
DK-3650 Oelstykke
Tel.: +45 47 17 56 22
Mobil: +45 40 33 69 40

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